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ViewProduct IDNameSize(ft)View
Empress Pagoda 1795Empress Pagoda44" h x 14" w x 14" d View
Japanese Lantern 1796Japanese Lantern22" h x 17" d View
Large Lantern with Pedestal 1797Large Lantern with Pedestal48" h x 21" d View
Baby Bulldog 1798Baby Bulldog8" h View
Standing Bulldog 1799Standing Bulldog14" h x 10" w x 8"d View
Sitting Bulldog Large 1800Sitting Bulldog Large18" hx 15" w x 30" d 185 lbs View
Football Dawg 1801Football Dawg15"h x 13" w x 7" d View
3 Piece Gator 18023 Piece Gator3" h x 8"w x 38" l View
3 piece Frog 18033 piece Frog4" h x 11" w x 32"d View